Beauty at Your Service

It is an exciting world where creativity and ingenuity counts for a lot. If you are involved in open source programs as I am, you have a plethora of opportunities. If your ideas hit and you make it, you are set for life. You will get a solid reputation and productivity will be rife. I am committed to software that is for the public. That’s right, no fee at all. People freely use it and add their own spin to things. It is all about sharing information, which is what I want to do today. I want to be part of the social machine that makes the digital world go round.

I am pretty ambitious so I spend a lot of time at my craft. I usually have two or three projects going at one time. The most interesting ones are those to which I devote my undivided attention. How do I get ideas? I will tell you that the key is listening well. People always talk about what they want and need and this is where you start. You want software that is practical and utile, otherwise your ideas die. There are apps and programs out there now that do just about everything you can imagine from paying your bills to buying a car at the best price. There are fun things for kids involving games and videos. I started thinking, why not some kind of beauty transformation. After all, aren’t women half the population? I don’t want to be chastised for the next statement, but aren’t ladies all trying to look better? Especially the single ones? Could I invent a new way to help them?

Imagine a program whereby the user sends in a photo at close range. They fill in a form indicating eye and hair color, hue of complexion, and desired effects. A woman might want thicker eyebrows, a way to change the color of her eyes (temporarily of course with lenses), or ideas for attaining a glamorous image. The program would digest all this written and visual information and spew out some beauty product recommendations and links to where they can be purchased at the best prices. It is truly beauty at your service. It wouldn’t just be the obvious things like foundation, blush, lipstick, eye liner and eyeshadow. It would include eyelash extensions, curlers, and adhesive glue. If we are going this route, why not get an eyelash extension applicator as well. It would be an entire subcategory on the Eyelashes to Die For site. I am into this aspect of the program because I hear so many women complain about their skimpy eyelashes. They try mascara but want something more. Celebrities all wear false eyelashes so why can’t the everyday woman. It is instant eye enhancement. You get deep, dark peepers that will

Intrigue the world. Lashes make everyone look better. Those without them know this for a fact. I am here to help them with a solution. Watch for the new program and feel free to critique it and add your own touches.