Should Have Kept My Mouth Shut

I consulted the “self defense ninja,” how I love that name, to find out the difference between Mace and pepper spray. I saw comments on a blog called Self Defense Guide about this topic and was interested in knowing more given the rampant violence that exists in cities these days. Should urbanites use it or not? Is it legal? While people on the Internet will argue about anything, sometimes it has value for others. I got into the fray and maybe should have kept my mouth shut so I wouldn’t provoke more outrage.

I don’t think it is really a matter of which product is better since the brand Mace covers pepper spray and tear gas. These items contain the same ingredients no matter who makes the product. It came down to whether one should use violence against violence. Does any attack or assault merit any form of retaliation, even one that is not fatal but rather causes considerable pain and discomfort. It is a moral issue akin to the old biblical “an eye for an eye.” Some say it is wrong to use force or a weapon in a dire situation even though Mace is legal. You should talk the aggressor down using reason and logic. When did that ever work on a drunk or someone who is high and out of their mind. This holds true for psychotics. They aren’t going to listen. I say carry some Mace and be safe. It works to immobilize an attacker for quite a long time as it causes coughing and sneezing and burning of the eyes and nose. I am not personally in favor of carrying a concealed weapon but I believe that every citizen has this right.

I say: empower yourself to prevail in a crisis. My opponents don’t believe a purse snatching or a robbery of one’s wallet or watch merits using pepper spray, for example, as your life was not threatened. I say that anything can escalate—and quickly. Besides, when was the active ingredient in chili peppers a “weapon.” It is a deterrent at best. You may save your own life or that of your companion. There are crazies out there ready for you to walk by.

We didn’t end the argument definitively as people went on and on adding their two cents. It is an important issue nonetheless that bears additional attention. Hence the topic of today’s blog. I hope to instigate more concern about self defense and suggest possible ways to prepare yourself. As long as it is legal, I am voting for it. I know, I know—violence begets violence. But there are times when you simply have no choice. I have heard too many horror stories to turn the other cheek. I wish I knew martial arts as this would be my first choice—a jab here, a kick there, a final blow to knock the assailant down. I don’t believe we should ever be victims in this life.