We Are Open to People Who Want to Use Open-Source

We started this blog to educate the public about the significance of using open-source software. Our passion for open-source has deepened our knowledge about the benefits of using such programs to an extent that we now understand that the big corporations behind paid software capitalize on every move we make. People are not aware of what they’re getting into, which is why we want to bring awareness of the privacy problems that they might encounter. Besides privacy, open-source software is much better for the machines you run since they are almost never in danger of malware and similar harmful programs. Open-source programs can also revive some of your older machines that lag in functioning.

We have a small office in which we serve and educate the public. We, as the local enthusiasts of open-source, gather every week to discuss and exchange knowledge on this topic. When somebody is interested in learning more about it or wants to install open-source software on their machines we are always ready to help. To our great surprise, there are more and more people interested in open-source. Most of them come with their computers to install distros that can make their older machines more useful. Since our activities are promotional and educational, we don’t get paid for our services. However, we are open to donations.

We either use these donations for promotional campaigns about the benefits of open-source software, we buy equipment that helps us do our jobs more efficiently, or we buy stuff to make our office space more pleasurable to use. For instance, the last thing we bought was a tankless water heater. Now we have hot water in our humble office and the hygiene of the place is much better. With the donations, we have also gotten some furniture and we use the money to pay our utility bills as well. That is how we manage to sustain our organization. 

Our organization is constantly expanding, and if you want to be part of the open-source movement, try to find a similar local organization and get included in their work. Spreading the word about the benefits of open-source is the best thing you can do for your community.