MediaGoblin: It’s All About Choices


Have you ever had your video rejected by YouTube or Flickr?  If so, you understand how frustrating it can be, especially when you feel the rejection was unwarranted.  But what options do you have?

MediaGoblin is the answer to many problems that can be encountered on such platforms as Soundcloud, YouTube and Flickr.  No offense to those sites, when you own the site, you get to set the rules which is exactly what makes the open source software program MediaGoblin such a dream.

MediaGoblin is a publishing platform for media where instead of a centralized authority, the power is distributed among the users.  On it, you can freely share and host your images, music and videos.  It takes the big government feel out of the equation.

The very best thing about MediaGoblin is that it is free.  On the site, users can share, use, contribute and communicate.  They are a community and you will be immediately welcome upon signing up.  The group members are quite friendly and excited about what they are doing.

You can get involved if you want to although it is certainly not a requirement.  There are group projects you can participate in.  You can share your projects on the site and view the projects of others.  You can get or give feedback on projects too.

Another really innovative thing you can do on MediaGoblin is to host or view a gallery that is composed of presentations, books, photos, videos, books and the likes.  Again, you can get and give feedback if you would like to.

You are not going to get a notice that your submission was rejected because it was possibly pirated only because that platform immediately jumps to that conclusion when any MP3 is uploaded.  You will not have to verify this and that or be edited with strict and often ridiculous standards.  You just won’t find all the red tape rules and regulations.

In MediaGoblin you can set your own rules.  You can become as involved or detached as you want.  It is more secure than many programs in that it basically floats in the air like a balloon.  Things that you do on the platform are not traced to your computer and you can also view what is going on with the site since you are an administrator.  If things become fishy, you can investigate and fix problems.

MediaGoblin offers options.  That is what is so great about it in comparison to so many platforms that you are at the mercy of the powers that be.  You can take full control by running it as your own and installing it on your very own server.  Or, you can use it within an existing community on sites that are running it.  There is a list provided so you can check the sites out and make an informed decision on that option.  You can also completely join the MediaGoblin community and jump in feet first.

The thing I love most about MediaGoblin is that you do have options and the choices are yours and your alone to make.  That puts a whole new spin on the world of media sharing and it’s a win-spin if you ask me.