Software on Water

Software is the backbone of the digital, electronic, and computer worlds. There is no better calling, enterprise, or vocation as far as I am concerned, practitioner that I am. You never run out of ideas and applications. That said, let’s take a look at programs used at sea. There is everything from ship navigation to fish finders. Software is always floating around!

I was interested in this because of my love of water recreation (water skiing, scuba diving, canoeing, you name it), and then my brain just kept on rolling about the inventive marvels that abound. To be trite, there are many fish in the sea. I know there are lots of video games and assorted ways to have fun with sea themes and motifs. Listen to this one from Pathfinders, Lost at Sea Strategies. It’s calling my name.

A mysterious and timeless artifact at the bottom of the Atlantic has been activated. Follow a mysterious signal to the middle of the Atlantic Ocean with Professor John Darby and explore an island that has magically appeared. Use our handy Strategy Guide as you attempt to discover the truth behind this ancient relic in Pathfinders Lost at Sea, a fun and exciting Hidden Object game.

Now this is what I call a great use of software! But let’s get back to serious stuff. As far as navigation at sea, there are small craft and then there are ocean liners. I am thinking about the average person here, so we will stick to recreational vessels. Raytech delivers electronic charting and total onboard integration. This is what I call a PC software tool! This software is powerful but easy to use. The interface is great and the features get updated all the time.

I promised software for finding fish early on, so don’t stray from this blog. And don’t fret. It isn’t cheating to use it. It enhances the outdoor experience and practically guarantees a big catch. I think of it as recreational sonar that is software driven. With one of the best portable fish finders, you can locate and target fish for a fast start anytime you are on the water. Digital devices with screens reveal what is beneath the depths. Savvy fishermen are getting up to speed these days and the pros are right there with the leisure time guys. You get a great hi-res LED backlit color display for your sonar system, a selector menu, networking compatibility, and broadband connectivity. Fish finders are portable must haves and great gift ideas for your favorite outdoorsperson—man, woman, or child. Get one that works at fast boat speeds for the aggressive motor boater in your life.

So this all adds up to my touting the magic of software in any application on land or sea. If it costs, it may be well worth it, but open source is the wave of the future as there is so much out there to share. My source code is your source code. Go for it, my friend!