Windows Open Source Software: What’s in Store For You?

Windows Open Source Software

Open source software is changing the way the public accesses computer programs.  It is easy to spend hundreds of dollars on programs.  For those who have the need or desire to access software programs, the open source concept comes as a pleasant way to do so and all for free.  Windows is a participant in open source software and here are some that they have to offer.

FeedReader and FeedBurner are RSS and Atom aggregators that offer state-of-the-art, user friendly applications to access information on your computer.  It has an auto-faced reader and is actually a pioneer of the desktop feed readers.

Firefox is actually another open source software program that is available.  It is a freeof charge web-browser that has a number of features and more than one thousand add-ons which can be used to customize your computer tastes.

FileZilla is quite popular in the Windows open source software arena.  It is an FTP client and server that is known for being not only reliable, but quick as well.  It efficiently stores files that can be easily accessed and offers security as well.

Miro is a media player that operates on an open source software concept.  It allows you to access television and also is a video player.  It is the leader in HD content video players.

If you like editing photos, you might be interested to learn that is a free program for editing photos and images as well.  It makes it possible to edit layers, special effects and other advanced and powerful tools.

We all know the frustration of an inbox that is totally out of control.  But who wants to pay for a clean-up service?  Enter the free program, Thunderbird.  Thunderbird not only helps you mange inbox disasters but also offers a sophisticated means to organize it and other features as well.

There’s Firebird too.  What Firebird is a database that offers a number of ANSI SQL features on the standard level.  It runs on Windows as well as on Linux and platforms of Unix as well.

Content managing programs are plentiful in Windows open source programs.  CMS Made Simple is really easy and is used by many families as well as businesses who just want to have a hassle-free site that is easy to set up and run.  Drupal is another one that has a ton of features and supports a wide variety of websites.  If you are looking for a powerful website managing program, Joomia is a good choice and is user friendly too.

WordPress is perhaps the most well-known of the open source software options that Windows has to offer in content management and publishing.  It is not difficult to use and is very effective.

Basically, if you want it, you can find it when it comes to Windows open source software programs.  There are tons and tons to choose from and most offer easy installation and simple operations as well.  And one of the best features is that if you find you don’t like a program, you simply just don’t use it.  Since they are free, you really have nothing to lose.